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Chicano Park Mural Map

Dr. Alberto Pulido and his students and co-workers at the University of San Diego, in consultation with the Chicano Park Steering Committee, worked to update documentation of Chicano Park, including this 2015 update of the Chicano Park Monumental Murals map. A huge thank you to all! 

Chicano Park Murals Documentation Project, 2015 Guide to the Murals of Chicano Park (USD Ethinc Studies)

Numerous murals have been added (2016-2023) that are not reflected on the mural map. The mural map is currently being corrected and enhanced. We hope have the updated map in 2023, but in the meantime, here are the latest murals:

Nurturing Mother Earth (cactus garden container) by Hector Villegas & Joe Galarza, 2016

Quetzalcoatl Tlaloc Huitzilopochtli (back wall handball court) by Aled Anaya, 2016

Skater (skate lane) by Cris Corona, 2016 ; Skater (skate lane) by Ricardo Islas, 2016

Skater Deer Dancer (skate lane) by Ricardo Islas, 2016

Aztec Handplant (skate lane) by Francisco Contreras, 2017

Love Has No Borders by Sal Barajas (for Border Angels), 2017

Amigos Car Club by Sal Barajas (for Amigos Car Club), 2019

Fernando Lucero, presente! by Patricia Aguayo, 2019

Anastasio Hernandez Rojas by Victor Ochoa and team, 2020

En Las Manos de la Muerte (handball side wall) by Jasmine Bird Flores, 2016-2017

Mictlantecuhtli (bathroom wall) by Hector Villegas, approved 2017, painted 2021

Curandera Fronteriza (bathroom wall) by Patricia Aguayo Cruz and team, approved 2017, painted 2021

Chicano Love (bathroom wall), MEX (Giovanni Cerda) and tea, approved 2017, painted 2021

Amor, Si Se Puede (bathroom wall) by Sal Barajas, 2017

Kumeyaay Creation Story by Carmen Linares Kalo, Isaias Crow, Irene Castruita & community members, 2020-2021

Kumeyaay Princess Gone to Soon by Ruben Mendez and team, completed 2021

Brown Image by Victor Ochoa and others, for Brown Image CC, completed June 2022

El Cortito by Mario Chacon, June 2023

Chicano Park Mural Restoration Project 2023 

The 2023 Mural Restoration Project has now begun! We will be restoring 20 murals as well as sculptural/architectural pieces in collaboration with the original artists to ensure they can continue to educate our gente for generations to come. Murals restored to date include Jose Olague's MEChA mural Sueño Serpentino by Socorro Gamboa, Tribute to Roger Lucero, and Chicanas/Escuelas mural by the Mujeres Muralistas. Murals slated for the project in addition to those three Mural in Chicana Park, Liberación, No Retrofit, Omenaje, Che, Mexican History, Jose Gomez, Roger Lucero Mi Raza Primero, San Diego Lowrider Council Mural, Colossus, Decades of Chicano Movement, Corazón de Aztlán, Sueño Serpentino, Ball Player, Cosmic Clowns,The Rage of La Raza, Why Us?, OG Mural, Renacimiento Birth of La Raza, Bridge People, La Virgen, Laura Rodriguez, Tree of Life. In addition, sculptural/architectual works including the Kiosco, benches, the marquee, Aztlan rocks, the CPSC emblem, and the mural map stands are part of the restoration project.

Thank you to the artists, CPSC, and community who continue to help maintain our sacred place. Mural restoration graphic by @striveeze. Follow CPSC Instagram (@chicanopark_official) for mural restoration updates.

La Virgen de Guadalupe Mural Restoration Completed

As part of the Chicano Park Mural Restoration Project 2023-2024, the La Virgen de Guadalupe mural restoration has been completed. Mario Torero first painted La Virgen in 1978 and Mario and the restoration team have now renovated the mural and added new wings during this revitalization of his work. The mural unveiling/dedication took place on December 10, 2023. Shown below (left to right) is La Virgen mural before restoration, after restoration, unveiling celebration and blessing, detail of mural with artist information.


Chicanas/Escuelas Mural Unveiling October 22, 2023

Thank you to all that joined in the unveiling of the Chicanas/Escuelas by the Mujeres Muralistas, held on Sunday, October 22, 2023. The mural, originally painted in 1978, was completed and restored by Julieta Torres, Cecilia de la Torre, Martha de la Torre, Luz de la Torre, and Eve Lopez.


Sueño Serpentino Mural Restoration Completed

Sueño Serpentino, originally designed by Socorro Gamboa and painted by Felipe Adame & Roger Lucero in 1978, has now been completed and restored by Socorro Gamboa, Glory Galindo Sanchez, and Zuleima.


MEChA Mural Unveiling, September 3rd, 5 pm

Thank you to all that joined in the celebration of the unveiling of the MEChA mural along with lead artist José Olague and numerous volunteers. We are excited that José was able to finish the mural with a team of artists who helped to restore and complete his vision begun twenty years ago. Information on the unveiling and the mural for those unable to attend.


Chicano Park Mural Restoration Project (2011-2012) 

The Chicano Park Mural Restoration Project began the week of June 20, 2011. The first 5 murals to be completely restored included "Undocumented Worker" by lead artist, Michael Schnorr and his team. This mural was completed in the beginning of August. The second mural completed was "Chicano Park Takeover" by lead artist Guillermo Rosette along with Linda Velarde. They surrendered their brushes on Tuesday August 23rd. The third mural, "Los Niños del Mundo" was restored by lead artist Norma Montoya along with her team Yamilette Montoya Duarte (Norma's daughter), Lix Mario Ramirez and Pablo Aztlan Acevedo. They completed the work on Sunday, August 28th. The fourth mural "Aztec Archer" was restored by lead artist Felipe Adame and his team Glory Galindo Sanchez, Frankie Galindo III, along with artist Guillermo Rosette. They completed this mural a little before 6:00 pm on Thursday, September 1, 2011.  A portrait of the original muralist, Vidal M. Aguirre, who passed away in 1997, was painted on the side of the mural. The fifth mural "Varrio Logan" was restored by lead artist Victor Ochoa and his team Hector Villegas, Eddie Galindo, Stephanie Cervantes, and Juanillo Luna. This mural was also completed on September 1st. A scroll was painted on the side of the mural with a list of the original renovation team that help paint this mural.


The next five murals to be restored include 'Leyes -- La Familia' (Jose Montoya), 'Inlakesh' (Juanishi Orosco), 'Mujer Cosmica' (Esteban Villa), 'Adelita' (Felipe Adame and Guillermo Rosette), and 'Hasta La Bahia' (Victor Ochoa). The restoration of 'Mujer Cosmica' has been completed by Esteban Villa, Carlos Lopez and Juan Carrillo and also 'Leyes - La Familia' mural has been restored by Tomas and Maceo Montoya. 'Inlakesh' by Juanishi Orosco is the 9th mural to be restored (below left; photo by Todd Stands). Scaffolding has now been removed on "Hasta La Bahia" restored by Victor Ochoa and team (below, lower right; photo by Todd Stands).


On Saturday, October 1st, the 'Adelita' mural was completed (show below before and after restoration). The scaffolding came down early Monday morning (Oct 3rd). Restoration work completed by Felipe Adame and Guillermo Rosette. 


The 11th mural, 'Allende' was restored by Mario Torero, Guillermo Rosette, and Norma Montoya.

 The 12th mural to be completed was the Kiosco's ceiling. The 13th mural, Cuauhtemoc, was completed March 31, 2012 by Felipe Adame and team.

 The 14th mural, "La Revolucion Mexicana' by Victor Ochoa, was completed in April 2012.


The 15th mural, Quetzalcoatl, located on the east ramp has just been completed (photo by Todd Stands)

The 16th mural completed is Michael Schnorr's mural ""Voz Libre: Pedro J. Gonzalez." The mural was restored by Michael Schnorr, Victor Ochoa, Guillermo Rosette, Yasue Goudera and Todd Stands. (Michael Schnorr,¡Presente! by David Avalos (La Prensa-San Diego) Photo by Todd Stands.

The 17th mural completed is the "Historical Mural" on the freeway ramp. The restoration was completed on July 2, 2012 by Sal Barajas, Guillermo Aranda, Guillermo Rosette, Victor Ochoa and Armando Nunez. Photo on right by Sal Barajas.


 The 18th and 19th murals were completed this week: 'Chicano Pinto Union' (by Tony De Vargas) restored by Mario Chacon, Hector Villegas and Eddie Galindo as well as 'Los Grandes' by Victor Ochoa, along with Patricia, Eddie Galindo, and Hector Villegas. Photos by Todd Stands.


The 20th mural restored is "Women Hold Up Half the Sky." The restoration work was completed on August 17, 2012 by Celia Rodriguez, Roalinda Montez Palacios, Irma Barbosa, Glory Galindo Sanchez, Vera Sanchez, Nayeli Guzman, Montserrat Granados and Patricia Aguayo. Photo (below) by Todd Stands.


The mural restoration project has now been. A celebration of the Chicano Park Mural Restoration Project will be held on Saturday, August 25th at 1 pm.

This has been a very exciting time, seeing the artists at work, bringing such bright and beautiful colors to the park again. Come to the park and check out these vibrant, newly-revived murals. 

Read more about the Chicano Park Mural Restoration project 


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